ERC Research Meeting at Pavia

25 - 27 June 2013

We will hold a research meeting for the project ERC StG 307119 at Pavia, 25 - 27 June 2013. The meeting will be devoted to informal discussions of new directions in Donaldson-Thomas theory, BPS states and related topics. Those planning to attend include

Vittoria Bussi (Oxford)

Ben Davison (Bonn)

Sara Angela Filippini (Pavia)

Mario Garcia Fernandez (EPFL)

Lothar Goettsche (ICTP)

Stefan Hohenegger (CERN)

Martijn Kool (Imperial)

Alessia Mandini (IST Lisbon)

Sven Meinhardt (Wuppertal)

Luca Migliorini (Bologna)

Tom Sutherland (Sheffield)

Marco Trozzo (Bologna)

Here you may find the meeting schedule schedule and some more details.