Alessia Mandini

Since March 2015 I am a Professor at PUC-Rio. My new webpage (still under construction) can be found here

Postdoctoral Fellow.

Department of Mathematics,
University of Pavia
via Ferrata 1
27100 Pavia

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Research interests

My research interests include symplectic geometry and topology. I am interested in the study of Kähler and hyperkähler manifolds (in particular polygon and hyperpolygon spaces), moduli problems such as moduli of parabolic and parabolic Higgs bundles, equivariant cohomology, geometric quantization, cobordism, Gromov width and related topics.

Publications and Preprints Articles on refereed conference proceedings
Brief CV

I received a PhD degree from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bologna in June 2007 under the supervision of Luca Migliorini.
Since then I have been a post-doctoral fellow at Department of Mathematics of IST in Lisbon, first with a grant awarded by CAMGSD (Sept. 2007 - May 2009) and then with an FCT fellowship (June 2009 -present). Currently, I am team member of the ERC project "Stability and wall-crossing in algebraic and differential geometry", P.I. Jacopo Stoppa.
I also held a short term visiting position at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (March 2011) to take part in the Programme on Moduli Spaces and I have been awarded a Research Fellowship from the MSRI, University of California at Berkeley, for the programme "Symplectic and Contact Geometry and Topology" (academic year 2009/2010). Before that, I held short term visiting positions at the Department of Algebra and Geometry of the University of Barcelona (Nov. - Dec.2009) and at the Math Department of the University of Utrecht (February--June 2007, funded by a Marco Polo grant awarded by the University of Bologna).

You can also find a detailed CV here.

A. Mandini, 16.11.2014.